Building the future

We live in an ‘always on‘ world and our clients / customers expect the best of our brand, specifically when it comes to technology.  Our team specializes in understanding what the tech market has to offer for your businesses specific needs.  We understand that no company is the same, and everyone’s goals are unique.  Our goal is to help small businesses be their best selves for their customers.

Our Promise

We will take the time to understand your business and it’s needs.  

We will explain which technology tools are available and their costs upfront as well as long term.  

We will give you the tools to be successful and the support when you need it.


UX Research

This is where we learn about your customers and the experience you want them to have when working with your brand.

Hosting & Email

JTI hosts websites in partnership with SiteGround and Cloudflare to deliver ultra fast page load times.  

Web Design & Development

We build responsive websites that are designed to work on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.  


Search Engine Optimization

If you can’t be found on Google you’ve just lost 90% of your leads, so yes it does actually matter!


Online storefronts take your business to an entirely new level.  Elevate your business and go digital. 


Our premium partners will have your website tailored for your specific businesses needs.

#futureproof your business

go digital


Our carefully curated team has all of your needs covered.

Jack Ducker

Jack Ducker

Founder & CEO


Jack has been delivering technology solutions since 2007 when he started his software career as a Quality Assurance Tester.  He moved into Business Analysis, designing software solutions to meet specific business requirements and obtained certification from the International Institute of Business Analysis.

He then ventured into Solutions Analysis honing the skill of assessing vendor based technology.   Not too long after he moved into Project Management learning to manage a team to deliver technology projects.  He further extended his knowledge to Product Management, learning how to prioritize features for the best customer experience.

Finally he rounded out his experience moving into Program Management, working both business and technology aspects of project delivery before initiating JTI.

Scott Nicholas

Scott Nicholas

SEO & Digital Marketing

Josh Brenneman

Josh Brenneman

Graphic Design & Brand Identity

Ross Moore

Ross Moore

Visual Media & Web Developer