Live Chat & Chatbots

Chat is the 2020 defacto for a website, are you taking advantage of improved Lead conversions & SEO, and customer experience benefits?

Start capturing leads with live chat!

What Are They?

Live Chat (Online Chat)

  • Available only when your team is online.
  • Operated by a real person within your business
  • Enables real-time interactions with your customers
  • Accessed via your Website or Facebook for Business page.
  • Live Chat Operators can manage multiple conversations at once
  • Live Chat Operators can share conversation by content type (e.g., Sales vs. Support)
  • Live Chat Operators can respond via the Web or a Mobile App, enabling on-the-go support for your team
  • Define Business Hours and revert to Automated Chatbots when your team is offline!

Chatbot (Bots)

  • Always on – 24/7
  • Operated by RPA (Robotic Process Automation) aka robots or bots.
  • Simple Chatbots to capture Subscribers and Leads
  • Intelligent Chatbots to guide Leads and Customers down a pre-defined user experience. (e.g., Selling Products, Capture Targeted Leads)  
  • One-time design and setup meets majority of business needs.
  • Visual interface to help design intelligent chatflows.

How Do They Help?


Time Matters

Have you ever heard of “Dwell Time”?  This is the time that a potential Lead is on your website before returning to the search results, and to put it simply – the longer the better 

Chatbots and Live Chat keep customers on your site longer, improving your Dwell Time, and in turn organically (see ‘free‘ in the dictionary) improving your Page Rank, otherwise known as SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

TiP The Scale

Turning a Lead into a Customer is difficult given the number of options consumers have in today’s market.  Leveraging Live Chat engages your customer, re-enforces the quality of your brand and even gives the opportunity for promotion codes and up-selling.

Chatbots keep your business running 24/7, by developing Intelligent Chatflows for your most common Customer Journeys, you truly can provide support, even if you can’t be online yourself.


An indecisive lead, or a one with questions is most certainly a customer in need, Live Chat can significantly reduce Abandon Rates and the improve Conversion Rates.

A recent study from Foresters concluded “Around 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a Web site can offer


Just how many other small businesses in your market use Live Chat? Live Chat software could differentiate you from your competitors in a Competitive Market.

Not only does live chat improve Customer Experience for the customers who actually use the chat, but the Data you gather from using chat can help you improve the customer service for all your website visitors, aiding Customer Retention!

Intelligent Chatflow Example

Visual Chatflow Builder

In this rather simple example, we first capture the name to be more conversational. Next, we lead the user to a pre-defined set of questions based on the most common Use Cases. Each option then stems it's own flow to best support the inquiry.

Our Process




First we work to understand the desired Customer Journey, and specifically how this will be supported by your team.




Next we produce a working prototype of the product for your review, the feedback is then integrated into the design.




We know integrating your feedback is what leads to happy customers which is why we complete optimization before deployment.


Deliver & Train

No implementation is complete without training, our Customer Success Manager makes sure your team is good to go!