Responsive Web Design

Impress your customers with an online presence that is sophisticated and user friendly whether you are on a computer or a phone.

Optimize for every screen size.

What is a Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web Design

Responsive web design (RWD) is a web development approach that creates dynamic changes to the appearance of a website, depending on the screen size and orientation of the device being used to view it. In responsive design, page elements reshuffle as the viewport grows or shrinks in essence keeping things friendly for your visitors regardless of how they arrived.

How does a Responsive User Experience work?

Responsive User Experience

When building your website, our web builders allow us to tailor the content we show based on whether it is a Desktop, Tablet or Phone.  In essence we have complete control of the content that is displayed, in addition how that content renders for that device.

For example, you might completely replace a video for a picture when loading the mobile version of your site based on the need to keep browsing quick from a phone.   Or, you might opt to center align all your content from a phone whereas utilize all the screen space on a desktop view.  Wondering how responsive your site is?  Simply take your browser window and make it smaller in the shape of a phone, and see if your site responds!

How do they help my business?

Customers Care

Customers have options today so anyone landing on your site not immediately impressed and comfortable browsing will be more than happy to head elsewhere. 

Improve user dwell time on your site but keeping them engaged and imrpessed, the latter will have them jumping ship influencing SERP engines like Google to reduce leads generated to your site.


Improve SEO

Google’s ranking algorithm has gotten smarter over time and it now includes metrics on how mobile friendly your site is.

Ignore the requirements for responsive user-design and essentially get black listed by Google’s search algorithm as they server they’re searching customers needs with priority, serving only the best pages from both a content and usability perspective.

On The Rise

Traditional Web Agencies focus mostly on the desktop experience when statistically mobile screen time now dwarfs the time people spend on an actual computer. 

If you aren’t optimizing for a mobile experience you are  potentially ignoring the needs of up to 50% of your customers so keep with the times and spend a little extra to make your site valid across all devices.


Our Process




We start the process by reviewing any existing technology you might have in place to see if anything can be salvaged, most often there is content we can port.

If you are starting with a blank slate, we would look at some of your competitors and review your likes / dislikes to further understand your needs.


Design & Build


Select your web design from any number of pre-designed templates, or build something completely custom.

Either way we start by building a homepage for you to play with and provide feedback before moving any further.




We make any final changes to your website and plan for any cutovers necessary with your current providers where applicable. 

We would further align any digital marketing content and campaigns so you can launch with a BANG!


Train & Optimize

Most websites require some level of content management so we would train your team on how to use our tools to manage any content, ecommerce products, blogs & posts, etc.

We then review your site performance in Google Analytics to see how your SEO performs.